Configure V Series Node on NSX-T

This section provides an overview of the V Series fabric node deployment on the VMware NSX-T platforms and describes the procedure for setting up the traffic monitoring sessions using the V Series fabric nodes. The V Series fabric nodes support traffic visibility on the NSX-T NVDS switch.

GigaVUE-FM creates, manages and deletes the V Series fabric nodes in the NSX-T on the configuration information provided by the user. GigaVUE-FM can communicate directly with the V series fabric nodes.

The following diagram provides a high-level overview of the deployment:

Note:  If a V Series Node is restarted, then the existing flows that is received by that V Series node will not be forwarded to the other available V Series Nodes (if any). However, the new flows will be forwarded to any available V Series Node.

The chapter includes the following major sections:

Note:  These steps assume that VMware NSX-T is installed and configured.