Configure V Series Node on ESXi

This document provides an overview of the V Series fabric node deployment on the VMware ESXi platforms and describes the procedure for setting up the traffic monitoring sessions using the V Series fabric nodes. The V Series fabric nodes support traffic visibility on the following VMware networking elements:

  • vSphere standard switch
  • vSphere distributed switch

GigaVUE-FM creates, updates, and deletes the V Series fabric nodes in the ESXi hosts based on the configuration information provided by the user. The VMs and V Series nodes are located in the same ESXi host and the traffic mirrored from VMs is sent to V Series nodes. You can deploy only one V Series node on a single ESXi host. GigaVUE-FM can communicate directly with the V series fabric nodes.

Note:  Ensure the source Virtual Machine and the tool is connected to different standard switches. When the source Virtual Machine and the tool are connected in the same standard switch, the traffic is looped.

The following diagram provides a high-level overview of the deployment:

The chapter includes the following major sections:

■   Prerequisites for Integrating V Series Nodes with ESXi
■   Integrate V Series nodes with ESXi

Note:  These steps assume that VMware ESXi is installed and configured.