Windows Agent Installation

To install the Windows agent:

  1. Download the Windows agent package.
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file into a convenient location.
  3. Run ‘NPCAP_4_1_3.exe’ (located in the ‘npcap’ folder) as Administrator.
  4. Run ‘install.bat’ as Administrator.
  5. To start the Windows G-vTAP Agent, perform one of the following actions:
    • Reboot the VM.
    • Run ‘sc start gvtap’ from the command prompt.
    • Start the G-vTAP Agent from the Task Manager.

Refer to Create Images with the Agent Installed.

Note:  You may need to edit the Windows Firewall settings to grant access to the gvtap process. To do this, access the Windows Firewall settings and find “gvtapd” in the list of apps and features. Select it to grant access. Be sure to select both Private and Public check boxes. If “gvtapd” does not appear in the list, click Add another app... Browse your program files for the gvtap-agent application (gvtapd.exe) and then click Add. (Disclaimer: These are general guidelines for changing Windows Firewall settings. See Microsoft Windows help for official instructions on Windows functionality.)