Prepare G-vTAP Agent to Monitor Traffic

A G-vTAP Agent is the primary Gigamon monitoring module that is installed in your Virtual Machines (VMs). This agent mirrors the selected traffic from the VMs, encapsulates it using VXLAN tunneling, and forwards it to the GigaVUE® V Series node.

Note:  The G-vTAP agent installation is applicable only when the G-vTAP is your traffic acquisition method.

A G-vTAP Agent consists of a source interface and a destination interface. The network packets collected from the source interface are sent to the destination interface. From the destination interface, the packets traverse through VXLAN tunnel interface to the GigaVUE V Series node.

A source interface can be configured with one or more Network Interface Cards (NICs). While configuring a source interface, you can specify the direction of the traffic to be monitored in the VM. The direction of the traffic can be egress, ingress, or both.

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