Configure GigaVUE V Series Nodes using VMware ESXi

You can use your own VMware ESXi host system to deploy GigaVUE V Series nodes and use GigaVUE-FM to configure the advanced features supported by these nodes. These nodes register themselves with GigaVUE-FM using the information provided by the user in the virtual machine creation wizard. Once the nodes are registered with GigaVUE-FM, you can configure monitoring sessions and related services in GigaVUE-FM.

This section describes how to deploy GigaVUE V Series Nodes under AnyCloud Monitoring Domain using VMware ESXi Host.

  • The nodes will be deployed under the Monitoring Domain created in AnyCloud.

  • When registering GigaVUE V Series nodes in GigaVUE‑FM, the connection name under each monitoring domain must be unique.
  1. Login to VMware ESXi host using your web browser.
  2. On the left navigation pane, select Virtual Machines and click Create/Register VM. The New Virtual Machine page appears.

  3. On the New Virtual Machine page, click on Select Creation Type from the left navigation pane. Then, select Deploy a Virtual Machine from an OVF or OVA file.
  4. On the left navigation pane, click on Select OVF and VMDK files. Provide virtual machine name and upload the ova file.
  5. Click on Select Storage, to choose the storage type and data store.
  6. Under the Deployment Options, provide the necessary details given below.
    1. Select the network port group associated with the host, network ports and tunneling port details from the Network Mappings drop-down.
    2. Select Thick/Thin from the Disk provisioning field.
    3. Select Management Port DHCP from the Deployment type drop-down.
    4. (optional) Enable the Power on automatically check-box to power on the Virtual Machine automatically.
  7. Under the additional settings page, provide the user data as shown in the figure.

    Enter the following values in the additional settings:

    • Hostname: <Host Name>
    • Administration Password: <Your Password>
    • GroupName: <Monitoring domain name>
    • SubGroupName: < Connection name>
    • User: Description: orchestration
    • Password: orchestration123A!
    • remoteIP: <IP address of the GigaVUE-FM>
    • remotePort: 443
  8. Review the setting selection in the Ready to Complete page, then click Finish.

The V Series Node deployed in VMware ESXi host appears in AnyCloud Monitoring Domain page of GigaVUE‑FM.