Volume Based License Usage Reports

The Volume-based License Usage report is a multipage report in PDF format. The VBL Usage report contains sections for the incoming traffic (raw usage) and all license bundles that are active during the period of the report.

Section Details
Volume Usage: Summary
  • Period: Period for which the volume usage summary is displayed.
  • Days Completed:
  • Licensed Daily Volume:
  • Peak Daily Volume:
  • 95th Percentile Daily Usage:
  • The 95th percentile daily usage for any day is calculated as follows: the daily usage for the trailing 90 days, including and up to the current day, are sorted in ascending order and the usage at the 95th percentile (near the high end) is reported as the 95th percentile usage for the day. This aggregate statistic uses the maximum of the 95th percentile usage for the days in the Service Period.
  • Note:  The reason is to find the high-end usage disregarding exceptionally high values that are outliers (happening due to some extraordinary condition prevailing on the day), and hence not representative of the normal high end usage values.

Daily Usage Graph that displays the daily usage details.
Tabular format of the volume usage details

Each section contains up to four pages. The first page contains a summary and a chart (with allowance as line chart and usage as bar chart) and the subsequent pages contain the allowance, usage and overage data for each day in the period.

For example, if GigaVUE-FM has CoreVUE and NetVUE bundles imported, then report has the following sections:

  • First four pages: Raw ingress traffic
  • Next four pages: CoreVUE bundle
  • Last four pages: NetVUE bundle

The following figure shows an example for the Volume Based License Usage report.