Port Packet Drops and Errors

GigaVUE H series and TA series devices generate SNMP traps for packet drops and packet errors that occur in the port for both ingress and egress traffic. The traps are sent to GigaVUE-FM based on which alarms are often triggered, even for a single packet drop or error. Starting in software version 5.14.00, GigaVUE-FM allows you to configure threshold values for port packet drop/error based on which the number of traps and alarms can be controlled.

Note:  Configuring SNMP throttling (see SNMP Throttling section) only reduce the number of traps. However, with SNMP throttling it is possible for significant traps to get dropped and unwanted traps to get through the throttling process. Use the Port Packet Drop/Error configuration to generate traps that are of significance.

GigaVUE-FM allows you configure threshold values for packet drop/error for the port at the following three levels:

Configuration Level Description Notes
Port Level Configuration Applies to a specific port. Has the highest priority and overrides the port level and global level configuration.
Port Type Level Configuration Applies to all ports of a particular port type. Has the second highest priority and overrides the global level configuration.
Global Level Configuration Applies to all ports.

Has the lowest priority.

Packet Drop/Error threshold for a port can be configured for both Rx and Tx, and consists of setting up the following values:

  • Percentage of packets dropped/has error.
  • Number of packets dropped/has error in a given interval

Traps are generated in the devices only if:

Packet Drop/Error % > Drop/Error Threshold % Configured


Number of Packets Dropped/Error > Drop/Error Threshold Count Configured

Allowable range:

  • For percentage: 0 to 100. Percentage value can be configured as low as 0.0001%
  • For count: >0

Note:  If you configure ‘-1’, the feature will be disabled for those ports, and traps will be generated for every packet drop and error.

You can configure the threshold from the device settings page or from global settings page of GigaVUE-FM. Refer to the following sections for details:

Refer to the GigaVUE CLI Reference guide for the corresponding CLI commands for configuring the port packet drop/error threshold values.