Single Sign-on for GigaVUE‑FM High Availability

Single Sign-on for GigaVUE-FM High Availability is available from software version 5.15.00 and allows connectivity of the GigaVUE‑FM instances in a High Availability group. The following options are available:

  • Internal IdP
  • External IdP

With GigaVUE-FM HA SSO, if you login to the active GigaVUE-FM instance, the standby instances are also logged in automatically.

  • To logout from the GigaVUE-FM High Availability group, you must first log out from the active GigaVUE-FM instance and then from the standby instances. If you attempt to logout from any of the standby instances, you will be redirected to the active GigaVUE-FM instance and the standby will not be logged out.
  • If the active instance in a GigaVUE-FM HA group changes, you need not re-login to the FM HA group.

Internal IdP

GigaVUE-FM HA uses shibboleth 2.0 identity provider for authentication and authorization. The active GigaVUE‑FM instance of the High Availability group acts as the Identity provider. The two standby instances serve as the service providers.

Each of the GigaVUE‑FM instances in the HA group has the following configurations:

  • GigaVUE-FM application
  • Shibboleth
  • Authentication layer that account for the different authentication mechanisms

If you access a standby GigaVUE-FM instance, you will be redirected to the active GigaVUE‑FM's IdP.

  • If the active GigaVUE‑FM is not authenticated, the login page of the active FM instance is displayed.
  • If the active GigaVUE‑FM is authenticated, it will send the authentication response to the browser, and the standby instance will verify the same and will be authenticated.

Note:  The required signing certificates and SSO certificates are already uploaded in the trust store of the GigaVUE-FM instance.

External IdP

ADFS and Okta are the external IdPs that have been qualified to be operational with GigaVUE-FM. To configure these external IdPs you must perform the following configuration:

  1. Download ADFS/Okta server's custom certificate.
  2. Upload that certificate in the trust store of the GigaVUE-FM master.

To use the external ADFS, you must perform the following configurations in the active GigaVUE-FM instance.

  1. Go to Authentication > Authentication Type.
  2. Select Third Party as Authentication Type.
  3. Enter the SAML User Group and Default User Group configuration.
  4. Enter the following details in the HA page for all three GigaVUE‑FM instances:
    • Entity Id
    • Third Party Authentication URL