Email Servers

Use the Email Servers page to configure the Email hosts for sending notification emails. To access the Email Servers page:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click and select System > Email Servers.
  2. Click the Configure button on the Email Server page to open the configuration page.

The following table describes the fields on the Configure Email Server page.



Enable SMTP Authentication

The user’s credentials are used for SMTP authentication when this option is selected. When the option is not selected, SMTP authentication is disabled.

Email Host

The email server to be used for sending notification emails.


The user name to login to the email server.


The password for the user name.

From Email

The address you want to have show up in the From field of the notification emails.


If SMTP authentication is enabled, port is set to to 587 by default.
If SMTP authentication is disabled, port is set to 25 by default.

Send Test Email

The Send Test Email button in the Email Server page is used to send a test email to the email address before adding it to the Permitted Recipients page.

Note:  The Send Test Email button is enabled only when the email host is configured.