Alarm Correlation

GigaVUE‑FM correlates alarms generated due to simultaneous network or resource faults to prevent flooding of alarms. Select the Correlated View option in the Alarms page to view the correlated alarms. Correlated alarms are the top-level alarms with all the other related alarms displayed underneath.

Note:  To view the related alarms for a top-level alarm, click on the ellipsis and select View Details.

Consider the following example: Port 1/1/x1 is used as source port of a map that has an alias map1.

  • Port 1/1/x1 becomes unhealthy (port is down or faces packet drops, errors or higher or lower utilization).
  • Consequently, map1 is also unhealthy.
  • Fixing the issue in port x1 will bring back map1 to healthy state.
  • In this example, the Port Unhealthy alarm triggered for port 1/1/x1 is the top-level alarm. This will be displayed in the correlated view.
  • Click View Details to view the related Map Unhealthy alarm for the map. However, Map Unhealthy alarm will be displayed as a separate entity in flat view.