View Alarms based on User's RBAC Persmissions

GigaVUE‑FM allows you to view the alarms in the Alarms page based on the following RBAC permissions:

  • User Roles: User role defines permission for users to perform any task or operation in GigaVUE‑FM or the devices. For example, if you are a user with read and write access to the 'FM Security Management' category, then you will be able to see all the alarms related to the resources that belong to the FM Security Management category such as users, roles, AAA services. Alarms related to other categories will be restricted. That is, you cannot view alarms related to physical resources such as ports, port groups, port pairs, cloud connections, cloud config that belong to the 'Infrastructure Management' category.
  • User Defined Tags: Tags control the way you access the resources such as clusters, ports, port groups, port pairs, GigaSMART groups, GigaStreams and maps. You can view the alarms associated to tagged resources that you are permitted to access. For example, consider the following port pairs in the system:
    • Port pair PP1 is configured with tagKey: Location, tagValues - Seattle
    • Port pair PP2 is configured with tagKey: Location, tagValues - San Francisco
  • If you are configured with tagKey: Location and tagValue: San Francisco, then you will be able to access only port pair PP2 based on your permitted tag. Therefore, you will see only alarms related to port pair PP2.

Note:  In case of resources that do not support tagging, you will be to see alarms from resource that are permitted as per your role definitions and alarms from the devices that are permitted as per the tags.

Users belonging to Super Admin, Admin and User groups will be able view all alarms as they have no restrictions on resources, permissions and tags.