Unpacking the GigaVUE Traffic Aggregator

Unpack the GigaVUE Traffic Aggregator and inspect the box it was shipped in. If the carton was damaged, please file a claim with the carrier who delivered it.

Remove the protective shipping covers and screws. Save the protective shipping covers and replace the screws in the holes on the system so that they are easily saved in case you need to ship the system again.

Next, select a suitable location for the rack unit that will hold the GigaVUE Traffic Aggregation node. Choose a location that is clean, dust free, and well ventilated. You will need access to a grounded power outlet. Avoid areas where heat, electrical wire, and electromagnetic fields are generated.

Plan for enough clearance in front of a rack so you can open the front door completely (approximately 25in) and enough clearance in the back of the rack to allow sufficient airflow.