Install Coreboot (If a Newer Version is Available)

After checking the coreboot version, if a newer version is available, you will have to do a coreboot installation.

Install coreboot after the image installation if it does not match the Coreboot Version column in Bootloader Code by GigaVUE‑OS Release. Use this procedure in particular when you are upgrading from an older software version.

After the image installation of 5.13.xx, use the following command:

(config) # show version

If there is a newer coreboot version available, the output of the show version command displays it.

If there is a newer coreboot version available, use the following command to install it:

(config) # coreboot install

The binary bootloader code included with the installed image is installed.

Note:  The newer coreboot version only goes into effect after a reload.