battery optimization

Use the battery optimization command to optimize battery drain for G-TAP A-SF21 when the power supply is down . Battery optimization can be done in two methods such as:

■   Switch-Off Unused Ports
■   Switch -Off Monitor Port.

The battery optimization command has following syntax:

battery optimization

<policy> <port-group-id | port-group-list > <level>





Defines the policy to be used for optimizing battery which can be :

1. unused-port --> Help string for this policy is "disable unused port"
2. monitor-port --> --> Help string for this policy is "disable monitor port"

<port-group-id | port-group-list | global>

The system level configuration to optimize the battery by :

Port group -ID- which is X1,X2,X3,X4.
Port-group-list – a series of port groups can also be defined for battery optimization.


Defines the battery level at which battery optimization must be started. The battery level values are as follows:


The default value will be ALARM when you first configure the port groups.

Related Commands

The following table summarizes other commands related to the battery optimization command:



Displays the battery optimization

# show battery optimization [ port-group-id | port-group-list ]


Clears the battery optimization

#no battery optimization