battery optimization global

Use the battery optimization global command to initiate cpu hibernation for G-TAP A Series 2 .

The battery optimization global command has following syntax:

#battery optimization global

cpu-hibernate <value> sleep-time <value>




Refers to the system-level configuration

cpu-hibernate <value>

Refers to the battery level after which device goes to hibernation state.The value specifies the battery level percentage which ranges from between 85 to 25. When this value is hit, the device will go into hibernation state.

sleep-time <value>

This indicates the periodic CPU Hibernation sleep duration.The value specifies the sleep time in minutes which ranges from  6 to 30.

Related Commands

The following table summarizes other commands related to the battery optimization global command:



Displays the current CPU hibernation configuration setting.

# show battery optimization global

Disables cpu hibernation

#no battery optimization global cpu-hibernate