Secure Uni-Directional, Simplex Cable/Links

Starting in software version 5.1.01 on the GigaVUE HD Series PRT-HD0-C06X24 line card, 100Gb network ports are enhanced to support secure uni-directional, simplex cable/links between network and tool/hybrid ports.

Normal 100Gb link negotiation requires bi-directional signals, which is not allowed in some highly secure organizations that require isolation of data through unidirectional links.

Uni-directional, simplex cable contains fiber strands for one direction of traffic flow. Data flows in one direction only with no physical path in the cable for the other direction. Setting the port to forcelinkup forces the network port up into an RX-only mode and ignores link-based errors caused by the simplex cabling.

For the port command, refer to port. For show command output, refer to Displaying Ports Configured with Uni-Directional, Simplex Cable/Links.

From software version 5.12.00,GigaVUE‑HC3 node equipped with Control Card version 2 (CCv2) and its line cards such as ; SMT-HC3-C05, PRT-HC3-C08Q08, PRT-HC3-C16 will also support secure uni-directional, simplex cable/links in network ports at 100 G speed.