GigaVUE H Series Features and Benefits

Capable of port-to-port full line rate performance with minimal packet latency, the GigaVUE H Series uses patented Flow Mapping® techniques to aggregate, replicate, and direct traffic flows, providing dynamic connectivity for 100Gb, 40Gb, 10Gb, or 1Gb monitor, compliance, and archival tools, including:

■   Intrusion Detection Systems
■   Protocol Analyzers
■   VoIP Analyzers
■   Application Performance Monitors
■   Stream-to-Disk Data Recorders

Any Packet, Any Destination

The GigaVUE H Series nodes provide a powerful graphical user interface that lets you unobtrusively acquire and map traffic from multiple data sources to multiple tools, including the following common scenarios:


Direct traffic from any network port to any tool port. Use map rules to send different types of traffic to different tool ports.


Aggregate traffic from multiple links to deliver a network-wide view to any tool. Merge Tx and Rx traffic into a single tool interface.


Multicast filtered or unfiltered, singular or aggregated traffic to multiple tools.