Introducing the GigaVUE-OS CLI

This chapter introduces the GigaVUE H Series command-line interface, the GigaVUE‑OS, including basic techniques for entering commands and a summary of the available commands. Refer to the following sections for details:

■   Command-Line Basics
■   The Basic Commands
■   What Is Saved In a Configuration File
■   Saving a Configuration File
■   Using the configuration Command
■   Viewing the Contents of a Configuration File
■   Applying Configuration Files
■   Sharing Configuration Files with Other GigaVUE H Series Nodes
■   Recommendation for Nodes in a Cluster
■   Line Card and Module Numbering
■   White Box Port and Faceplate Labeling

Accessing the Command-Line Interface

This chapter assumes you have already used the instructions in the Hardware Installation Guide for your node to unpack, assemble, rack mount, power on, and perform the initial configuration of the GigaVUE H Series node in the GigaVUE‑OS command-line interface.