View the Details of an Application Intelligence Session

To view the details and the statistics of a session, do the following steps:

1.   Select the session from the Application Intelligence Sessions pane for which you need to view the sessions details, health status and statistics, and click the ellipsis as shown:

2. Select View Details from the drop-down list.

You can view the Monitoring Details, Destination Settings, Source Traffic, and Application Filtering-Destination Traffic, and Application Metadata-Destination Traffic in the Details page.

Note:  You can edit the Source Traffic, Application Filtering-Destination traffic, and Application Metadata-Destination Traffic from the view details window.

3. Click Troubleshoot to view the current statistics and health status of components associated with the solution.

The details of the components that can be viewed for a solution are shown in the following table:


Details of Components

Source Traffic

o   Network Ports
o   First Level Maps
o   L2-L4 Rules


o   GigaSMART Port
o   GigaSMART Group
o   Virtual Port

Application Monitoring

o   IP interface
o   Exporter

Application Filtering -Destination Traffic

o   Second Level Map
o   Applications and Advanced Rules
o   Tool Ports
o   GigaSMART Operation (GSOP)

Application Filtering

o   Application Session Filtering

Application Metadata

o   IP Interface
o   Cache
o   Metadata Tools

The troubleshooting page has a flow diagram representing the components associated to the solution. You can also click on the blocks in the flow diagrams to view the details of the corresponding components.

To learn more about the color indication and the health status of a solution refer to View the Health Status of a Solution.