5G Flow Sampling and Filtering

Required License : FlowVUE license is required for Flow Sampling

5G flow sampling samples a configured percentage of 5G sessions. 5G flow sampling uses map rules to select subscribers and then forward a percentage of the packets to tool ports.

Pass rules are defined in flow sampling maps. Each rule contains some combination of SUPI, PEI, and GPSI numbers or patterns as a percentage to sample. The flow is sampled to see if it matches a rule. The percentage of the subscriber sessions matching each rule are selected.

Map rules specify the type of traffic to be flow sampled by that map. For each new session, map rules are evaluated in top-down order of decreasing priority. If there is a match, the indicated percentage of the subscriber session is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, the traffic is sent to the tool port or load balancing group specified in the map. If rejected, the traffic is dropped. If there is not a match to a rule, the traffic is passed to subsequent maps.