Configure Inline SSL Decryption Using GigaVUE‑FM

This section describes how to configure inline SSL decryption using GigaVUE‑FM.

Note:  Before configuring, review Get Started with Inline SSL Decryption for pre-requisites and review Introduction to Inline SSL Map Workflows.

Inline  SSL Configuration Workflow Steps:

  • Keychain Password
  • Key Store
  • Signing CA
  • Trust Store
  • Policy Profile
  • Network Access

Inline SSL Map Workflow Steps (for Flow B) :

  • Inline Network(s)
  • Inline Tool(s)
  • GS Group
  • Virtual Port
  • GS Operation
  • Inline Rule Based Map
  • Inline First Level Map
  • Inline Second Level Map
  • Collector Map (bypass)

Figure 117 Select Inline SSL Configuration Workflow