Viewing PTP Statistics

Use the PTP Statistics page to view the PTP statistical data such as the received, transmitted, and discarded packets, queue overflow, and so on for a port on a device. You can also verify if there are any errors in the PTP configuration. You can choose to filter the data by box ID and PTP alias.

To view this page, go to Settings > Date and Time > PTP Statistics. Figure 1 shows the PTP statistics details.


Figure 108 PTP Statistics

Following table lists the PTP statistical attributes and their descriptions:

PTP Statistical Attribute



The unique name for the PTP template that you configured globally for the device.

Box ID

The box identifier for the device.

Discarded Packets

The number of packets that were discarded by the port because of mismatch in the domain or VLAN.

Rx Packets

The number of packets that were received by the port.

Tx Packets

The number of packets that were transmitted by the port.

Queue Overflow Rx Packets

The queue overflow of the received packets.

Rcpu Encap Rx Packets

The RCPU-encapsulated packets received.

Ipv4 Ptp Rx Packets

The IPv4 PTP packets received.

Ipv6 Ptp Rx Packets

The IPv6 PTP packets received.

L2 Ptp Rx Packets

The L2 PTP packets received.

Udp Ptp Rx Packets

The UDP PTP packets received.