Troubleshoot Flexible Inline Flows

The flexible inline canvas provides you the ability to view the status of the flexible inline flow deployments, port statistics, and the details of the cluster-level maps used in the deployments. You can use these details to troubleshoot any issues or failures in your flexible inline flows.

The flexible inline canvas has the following tabs:

To troubleshoot any issue or failure in your flexible inline flow:

1.   From the flexible inline canvas, go to the Status tab to check the forwarding states of the required inline network.
2. Go to the Statistics tab to check the port statistics to ensure that there are no drops, errors, or discards.

Note:  Click the Statistics tab again to refresh the data.

3. Go to the Troubleshoot tab to check the required map configurations and isolate the issue.

For instructions on how to troubleshoot a specific issue, refer to Example: Troubleshoot Traffic Issues Between Side A and Side B.