Resources for Configuring Solutions on GigaVUE V Series Nodes

To configure the Application Intelligence solution on the GigaVUE V Series nodes, you must create the virtual environment with the required connections. You must also configure the sources and the required destinations for the traffic. The following table lists the required tasks:

S. No


Refer to


Create the Virtual Environment

Configure Environment

2 Configure the Connection and deploy the V Series Node

Create the Source of traffic

Create Source Selectors

Create the Tunnel Destinations for the ingress and the egress traffic

Create Tunnel Specifications

Create Application Intelligence Session

Application Intelligence Session
  • You can deploy only one GigaVUE V series Node in a solution.
  • You can use tool templates while creating an Application Metadata Intelligence session. To create a custom tool template for GigaVUE V Series Node, signature is required from the node. Refer to the Tool Templates section for details.
  • Prior to configuring the Resources, refer to the pre-requisites section in the respective GigaVUE Cloud Configuration guides.
  • To delete a GigaVUE V series Node deployed in a solution, you must delete the resources in the following order:
    1. Delete the solution.
    2. Delete the GigaVUE V series Node and Connection.
    3. Delete the Environment.