GTP Overlap Flow Sampling for 4G and 5G

GTP Overlap Flow Sampling for 4G and 5G enables tools to receive their own copy of traffic, through independent evaluation of second level maps. In this overlap mode, if a packet matches a map rule, such as for tool A, that packet is still available to be matched again in subsequent maps, such as for tool B and tool C. The multiple copies of a GTP packet are sent to multiple destinations simultaneously. This applies to both GTP forward list selective forwarding - forward (formerly whitelist)ing and GTP flow sampling even if sampling is not employed.

The destination could be a single tool port, a GigaStream or an IMSI based load balanced tool port/GigaStream for a particular tool set. The GigaStream sends traffic to various links, connected to an external load balancer that would be connected to multiple tools.

Configure GTP Overlap Mapping

The configuration of GTP whitelisting and GTP flow sampling maps that are part of the GTP overlap flow sampling map group follow the same configuration considerations discussed previously in GigaSMART GTP Whitelisting and GTP Flow Sampling. As is the case with regular non-overlap GTP mapping, GTP forward listing selects specific subscribers based on IMSI, whereas GTP flow sampling uses map rules to select subscribers and then forward a percentage of the packets to tool ports.

Configuration Considerations

This section details certain configuration considerations that apply only to the configuration of GTP forward listing and flow sampling maps for GTP overlap flow sampling maps.