Flexible Inline Solution Supported in Clustered Nodes

The GigaVUE HC Series nodes can now be clustered with Flexible Inline solution for the configuration path. The traffic path is limited to a single node such that all inline ports should reside in the same node. This feature is applicable in Out-of-Band cluster. The Flexible Inline features that can be configured are as follows:

Supported Feature Reference

Flexible Inline Solution

Flexible Inline Arrangements

Single VLAN Tag

Configure Inline Single Tag

Non Shared Tool

Configure Inline Tool Ports and Inline Tools

Resilient Weighted Hashing

Refer to 'Resilient Weighted Hashing' in Configure Inline Tool Group

Out-of-Band Copy

The oob-copy target ports must reside on the same node as the respective flexible inline type maps. The traffic originated from oob-copy can be exposed to out-of-band tool residing on other nodes by using hybrid ports.

Refer to Example 7—Protected Flexible Inline, Out-of-Band Copy in GigaVUE-OS CLI Reference Guide.

In a Resilient Inline Arrangement, both GigaVUE HC Series nodes should be in different clusters or either one of the node can be a standalone node.

Refer to 'Resilient Inline Arrangement' in Configure Resilient Inline Arrangement

Refer to Configure Inline Network Link Aggregation Group (LAG).

Refer to Asymmetrical Hashing options in Configure Inline Tool Group.


For 5.13.00 version, only GigaVUE HC Series devices can be configured for Flexible Inline solution in a cluster. Flexible Inline solution in a cluster is not applicable for GigaVUE-TA Series device but, it can be part of a GigaVUE-HC Series cluster that is configured for this functionality.


The inline-network, inline-tool and destination tool ports in oob-copy must reside on the same node and cannot be chosen from across devices in a cluster.