Egress Port VLAN Stripping Limitations

The following are limitations of egress port VLAN stripping:

■   Enabling both ingress port VLAN tagging and egress port VLAN stripping on the same port is not supported.
■   Egress port VLAN stripping does not support inline tool ports or stack ports.
■   If a port is configured for egress port VLAN stripping, configuring a port filter with either pass or drop VLAN rules is not recommended.
■   In Clustering, Egress port VLAN stripping with outer tag ethertype of 0x88A8 or 0x9100 is supported if the tool port and the network port are configured in the same device.
■   An outer tag of ethertype 0x8100 works without any limitation when egress port VLAN stripping is configured along with ingress port VLAN tagging on the upstream GigaVUE node.
■   Port level egress VLAN stripping is not supported on GigaVUE‑TA25.