Configure L2GRE Tunnel to Decapsulate Traffic

Before creating a L2GRE tunnel to decapsulate traffic, refer to the L2GRE Tunnel Configuration—Rules and Notes.

The following table summarizes the required tasks to configure a L2GRE tunnel for decapsulating the traffic:



Refer to...


Configure the required circuit port.

Configure Ports


Configure an IP interface and attach the circuit port that you created in task 1.

Configure IP Interface


Configure a L2GRE tunnel for decapsulation and attach the IP interface that you created in task 2. Ensure that you select the Type as L2GRE and Mode as Decapsulation.

Create Tunnel


Create a L2GRE group for a device and add all the L2GRE IDs that are specific to the device.

Create VXLAN / L2GRE Group


Configure a map to decapsulate the traffic. Ensure that you add the IP interface that you created in task 2 as the source leader in a bidirectional clock relationship (formerly master) of the map and specify the required pass/drop rule in the map to filter the traffic based on inner packet attributes or L2GRE ID for the template configured.

Create a New Map