Step 5: Install Gigamon Traffic Visibility Service on vCenter Clusters

The Gigamon Traffic Visibility service must be installed on each of the clusters in the NSX-V environment. Installing the Gigamon Traffic Visibility service installs the GigaVUE-VM Service VM on each of the hosts in the cluster. This Gigamon Traffic Visibility service installation should be performed by the Cloud Administrator.

To install the Traffic Visibility Service, do the following in vSphere:

1.   In vSphere, select Network & Security > Installation and Upgrade.
2. Select the Service Deployments tab.
3. Click the Add button for New Service deployment.
4. On the Deploy Network & Security Services page, select the Gigamon Traffic Visibility service.
5. Click Next.
6. Select the clusters to install the Gigamon Traffic Visibility service. All the compute clusters where VMs to be monitored should be selected.
7. Select the shared Datastore. The datastore selected must be accessible by every host in the cluster for the install to succeed.
8. Select the Network. This network port group will be used for both the management and tunnel interfaces.
9. Select DHCP for the IP Assignment.

DHCP and Static are currently supported for the management interface. For tunnels, it is only DHCP.

10. Click Next, and then Finish.

After you click the Finish, the installation will start. Once the installation is completed, if 'Installation Status' shows 'Succeeded', but the 'Service Status' shows 'Unknown', check to see if the 'Gigamon Traffic Visibility' service VMs received the IP addresses.