Step 1: Create Users in VMware vCenter and GigaVUE‑FM

For VMware NSX-V and GigaVUE‑FM to communicate, a GigaVUE-FM user must be created in VMware and an NSX-V user must be created in Gigamon-FM. Also, a GigaVUE‑FM user must be created in VMware vCenter for GigaVUE‑FM to perform vCenter inventory functions. For VMware NSX-V and GigaVUE FM to communicate, users with the proper permissions must be created in both GigaVUE‑FM and VMware NSX-V.

Note:  GigaVUE‑FM connects to NSX-V Manager that supports TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1, and TLSv1.2.

This section provides the steps for creating an GigaVUE‑FM user in vCenter and creating an NSX-V callback user in GigaVUE‑FM.

Create GigaVUE‑FM User in NSX-V vCenter

For GigaVUE‑FM to communicate with VMware NSX-V, you must first create a user with an NSX-V Administrator role in vCenter. This user will be the GigaVUE‑FM user that VMware NSX-V uses to communicate with GigaVUE‑FM.

To add an NSX-V Administrator role for a user, do the following:

1.   Create a user in vCenter using the standard procedure for creating vCenter users.
2. To add the NSX-V Administrator role to the user from the vCenter Web Client, do the following:
a. Select Networking and Security.
b. Select System > Users and Domains.
c. Select an NSX-V Manager under Users.
d. Select Add.
e. Specify the user created in step 1, for example, fm@vsphere.local, and then click Next.
f. Select the NSX Administrator role.
g. Click Finish.

Create VMware NSX-V user in GigaVUE‑FM

For VMware NSX-V to be able to communicate with GigaVUE‑FM, you need to create a callback user in GigaVUE‑FM who has the admin role. To create the callback user, do the following:

1.   From the left navigation pane, select Settings > Authentication > User Management. The User Management page appears.
2. In the Users tab, click Add. The Create User page appears.
3. On the Create User page, specify the following for the new user:
o   In the Name field, enter the name of the call back user. For example, you can use NSX-V Manger Callback as the user name to help you associate this user with the NSX-V Manger.
o   In the Username field, enter a username for the user. For example, you can use NSX-V to help you remember that this user is associated with NSX-V.
o   In the Email field, enter the email ID of the user.
o   In the Password field, enter the password for the user specified in the Name and Username fields.
o   In the Confirm Password field, re-enter the password.

The FM Users NSX-V page should look like the example shown in the following figure when you are done.

4. Click Save.