Prerequisites for Integrating GigaVUE-VM with NSX-V

The following are the prerequisites for integrating GigaVUE-VM with NSX-V:

■   For VMware ESXi and NSX-V Hardware Requirements, refer to VMware ESXi System Requirements.
■   GigaVUE-FM 3.4 or later.
■   GigaVUE 4.5 or later node with GigaSMART to support tunnel configuration.
■   VMware tools or open VM tools must be installed in VMs to tap the traffic.
■   Shared storage is must to deploy GigaVUE-VM.

Note:   To upgrade to NSX-V 6.2.4, you must perform a full NSX-V upgrade including host cluster upgrade (which upgrades the host VIBs to 6.2.4). For more information, refer to the NSX-V for vSphere 6.2.4 Release Notes.