Configure and Manage Resources

This chapter describes how to setup tunnel endpoints in a monitoring session to receive and send traffic to the GigaVUE V Series node. It also describes how to filter, manipulate, and send the traffic from the V Series node to the various monitoring tools.

GigaVUE‑FM automatically collects inventory data on all target VMs available in your environment. You can design your monitoring session to include or exclude the target VMs that you want to monitor. You can also choose to monitor egress, ingress, or all traffic.

When a new target VM is added to your environment, GigaVUE‑FM automatically detects and adds the VM into your monitoring session. Similarly, when a VM is removed, it updates the monitoring sessions to show the removed instance.

To design your monitoring session, refer to the following sections:

For a GigaVUE H Series node or a GigaVUE TA Series node, you can only create a pass all map from the G-vTAP Containers to the physical nodes. The applicable ATS filters for this configuration include the following:
  • Ip4Src
  • Ip6Src
  • Ip4Dst
  • Ip4Dst
  • SrcVmPrefix
  • SrcVmTag
  • DstVmPrefix
  • DstVmTag