Architecture of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes Containers Visibility captures traffic using the G-vTAP container. Refer to the following section for details.

Gigamon Traffic Acquisition Container or the G-vTAP container is an application container that is launched on each of the worker nodes in the Kubernetes cluster. G-vTAP container acquires and mirrors traffic from other containers in the same worker node. Traffic from various Kubernetes Networking Infrastructure are encapsulated using VXLAN and sent to one of the following components, where it is further processed with maps and GigaSMART applications:

  • GigaVUE® V Series node
  • Physical node such as a GigaVUE H Series or a GigaVUE-TA Series node

Traffic from the GigaVUE V Series nodes/physical node is then sent to the required tools. The following figure shows a high level architecture of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes using G-vTAP containers as the source leader in a bidirectional clock relationship (formerly master) for acquiring the traffic.