Configure G-vTAP Containers

The G-vTAP Container is a Gigamon specific container that is deployed on the container worker nodes where visibility is required.

GigaVUE‑FM launches a DaemonSet with the G-vTAP Containers on the Kubernetes worker nodes where visibility is required and the G-vTAP Container Managers in the Kubernetes leader leader in clustering node relationship (formerly master). The container images are provided through a registry.

Note:  You can also fetch the image of the Gigamon Traffic Acquisition container from the Gigamon Customer Portal using FTP, TFTP, SCP or any other desired method.

When a new worker node comes up, this will automatically have the G-vTAP containers.GigaVUE‑FM launches a job that sets up mirroring on the networking layer from the required application containers to the G-vTAP container. This job is specific for the type of networking mechanism used in the Kubernetes environment. GigaVUE‑FM passes the relevant parameters to the job, but you are responsible for providing the input about the type of networking present in your environment.

You can configure the traffic to move from the G-vTAP Container to the GigaVUE V Series node where further processing with maps and GigaSMART applications take place. Traffic from the GigaVUE V Series node is then sent to the required tools.

Note:  If a GigaVUE H Series or a GigaVUE TA Series device is configured, then the traffic is sent from the G-vTAP container to the physical devices where further processing with GigaSMART operations occur.

To configure the G-vTAP containers, enter or select the following details as shown in the following table.



Name Space

Namespace to separate the cluster resources for users.

The default name space is Default.

Tap Manager Image

G-vTAP Container Manager Image

Container Image

G-vTAP Container Image

Container Image Pull Policy

Policy to pull the G-vTAP Container image from the repository. Choose the options as per your requirement:

■   Never: Policy is available locally and therefore need not be pulled from the repository
■   Always: Policy is not available locally and therefore must always be pulled from the repository
■   IfNotPresent: Policy is not present


Key/value pairs attached to objects such as pods

Networking Type

Networking type. Options are

■   Flannel
■   Calico

Tunnel Type

The type of tunnel for sending the traffic from G-vTAP container to GigaVUE V Series nodes. Only the VXLAN tunnel type is supported.


VXLAN tunnel ID.


VXLAN port.

CPU Request

CPU requested for the G-vTAP container.

CPU Limit

CPU limit for the G-vTAP container.

Memory Request

Memory requested for the container.

Memory Limit

Memory limit for the containers.