About Gigamon Containerized Broker

The Gigamon Containerized Broker (GCB) is a containerized component that provides the network broker features in a containerized form. The GCB is deployed by Kubernetes orchestrator and not by GigaVUE-FM.

GCB initiates the traffic acquisition process with GCB PODs and enhances the support of the features.

Following are the modules implemented in GCB:

  • Traffic Acquisition using CNI Modules: GCB supports traffic acquisition by reading the traffic from the Container Network Interface (CNI) modules like AWS ENI, Calico, and Flannel. During initialization, GCB receives the configuration information from the Gigamon's YAML file. Kubernetes CNI (Container Network Interface) supports any combination of ingress, egress, and management process. Following the specifications defined in the YAML file, GCB configures itself on your worker node to acquire traffic.
  • Note:  After GCB registration, you cannot change the number of CNI, and CNI types. If required, a new GCB instance configured and registered.

  • Traffic Aggregation - When GCB is running in its own POD, GCB itself serves as a traffic aggregator.
  • Filtering Module - GCB allows basic filtering, forwarding policy, and enrichment. GCB's filtering can be passed from the YAML file, and it is based upon the protocol. The filters and rules are pushed to GCB from GigaVUE-FM and can be modified while the GCB is running.
  • Tunneling Modules - GCB supports L2GRE and VXLAN tunneling modules.
  • Encryption Module - GCB maintains the required certificates to support TLS and HTTPS encryption.