Components of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS includes the following components:

  • GigaVUE® Fabric Manager (GigaVUE-FM) is a web-based fabric management interface that provides a single pane of glass visibility and management of both the physical and virtual traffic that forms the GigaVUE Cloud for AWS.GigaVUE-FM can be installed on-premises or launched as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in AWS. GigaVUE-FM manages the configuration of the following components in your Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC):
    • G-vTAP Controller (only if you are using G-vTAP Agent as the traffic acquisition method)
    • GigaVUE® V Series Controller
    • GigaVUE® V Series 1 node

    To launch the AMI in AWS, refer to AMI and Permissions and Prepare G-vTAP Agent to Monitor Traffic
  • G-vTAP Agent is an agent that is installed in your VM instance. This agent mirrors the selected traffic from the instances (virtual machines) to the GigaVUE® V Series node. The G-vTAP Agent is offered as a Debian (.deb) or Redhat Package Manager (.rpm) package. Refer to Install G-vTAP Agents.
  • G-vTAP Controller manages multiple G-vTAP Agents and orchestrates the flow of mirrored traffic to GigaVUE V Series nodes. GigaVUE-FM uses one or more G-vTAP Controllers to communicate with the G-vTAP Agents. A G-vTAP Controller can only manage G-vTAP Agents that has the same version. For example, the G-vTAP Controller v1.7 can only manage G-vTAP Agents v1.7. So, if you have G-vTAP Agents v1.6 still deployed in the EC2 instances, you must configure both G-vTAP Controller v1.6 and v1.7. While configuring the G-vTAP Controllers, you can also specify the tunnel type to be used for carrying the mirrored traffic from the G-vTAP Agents to the GigaVUE V Series nodes. The tunnel type can be L2GRE or VXLAN.
  • Note:  A single G-vTAP Controller can manage up to 1000 G-vTAP Agents.

  • GigaVUE® V Series node is a visibility node that aggregates mirrored traffic from multiple G-vTAP Agents. It applies filters, manipulates the packets using GigaSMART applications, and distributes the optimized traffic to cloud-based tools or backhaul to on premise device or tools. GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS uses the standard IP GRE or VXLAN tunnels to deliver traffic to tool endpoints. GigaVUE V Series nodes can be successfully launched only after GigaVUE V Series Controller is fully initialized and the status is displayed as OK. Refer Troubleshoot AWS Cloud Issues to troubleshoot the V Series node issues.

    Note:  With G-vTAP Agents, IPSec can be used to establish a secure tunnel between G-vTAP Agents and GigaVUE V Series nodes, especially in a centralized controller and GigaVUE V Series node configuration where cross VPC tunneling may be required to be encrypted.

  • GigaVUE V Series Controller manages multiple GigaVUE V Series nodes and orchestrates the flow of traffic from GigaVUE V Series nodes to the monitoring tools. GigaVUE-FM uses one or more GigaVUE V Series Controller to communicate with the GigaVUE V Series nodes.