Only users belonging to the Super Admin User Group or users with write access to FM Security Management category can use the Authentication Type > TACACS+ to add entries to GigaVUE‑FM’s list of available TACACS+ authentication servers.

You can add multiple TACACS+ servers. Servers are used as fallbacks in the same order they are specified – if the first server is unreachable, the second is tried, and so on, until all named servers have been used. If a server is reachable and authentication fails, the authentication process terminates.


Figure 4 TACACS+ Page

Note:  If you are deploying GigaVUE‑FM inside AWS, make sure to provide the private IP address of GigaVUE‑FM to the TACACS+ server for authentication and not its public IP address. For more information about AWS, refer to the Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS Getting Started Guide.