Scheduled Tasks

The Scheduled Tasks page displays tasks that have been set to reoccur at scheduled times. Currently, the only tasks that can be scheduled are device backups, GigaVUE nodes upgrade, and GigaVUE‑FM configuration data.

Figure 19 Scheduled Tasks Page

The Scheduled Task page displays the following information.




The name of the scheduled task.


The type of the scheduled task.

Scheduled Time

The timestamp when the task is scheduled to begin.

Due In

The time left for the scheduled task to begin.


The frequency of the scheduled task. For example, daily at 4 hours 35 minutes.

Delete a Scheduled Task

To reschedule a task, do the following:

1.   On the left navigation pane, click select Tasks > Scheduled Task.
2. Select a task from the list.

The task is either a configuration data backup of GigaVUE‑FM (FMServerConfigBackUp) or a backup of a device (configBackup).

3. Click Delete.

Clicking Delete unschedules and stops the task from happening.