Overview of Audit Logs

The Audit Logs page captures audit logs for all users connected to the given GigaVUE‑FM. There are 10 results shown by default on every page. The logs can also be further filtered to view specific information. Unlike the zipped logs under Admin> System > Logs, the audit logs can be seen by users. For more information about filtering, refer to Filter Audit Logs.

The Audit Logs have the following parameters:




Provides the timestamp on the log entries.


Provides the logged user information.

Operation Type

Provides specific entries that are logged by the system such as:

Log in and Log out based on users.
Create/Delete/Edit tasks, GS operations, maps, virtual ports, and so on.

Entity type

Name of the resource type that the audit log is associated to such as port, port group, user, host name, device IP.


Provides details on whether the user was in FM or on the node when the event occurred.

Device IP

IP address of the device.


Host name of the device.


Success or Failure of the event.


In the case of a failure, provides a brief update on the reason for the failure.


Tags associated with the audit logs

Note:  Ensure that the GigaVUE‑FM time is set correctly to ensure accuracy of the trending data that is captured.

GigaVUE‑FM allows you to filter and view audit logs based on the following RBAC permissions:

  • User Roles: You can view the audit logs based on your user role which defines the category of resources that you can access.
  • User Defined Tags: You can view the audit logs associated to tagged resources which you are permitted to access.