Create a Site

To create a site:

1.   On the right side of the top navigation bar, click .
2. On the left navigation pane, select Tags.
3. In the New Tag page, select Site. Refer to Figure 1 New Site Creation.

Figure 38 New Site Creation
4. In the Value text box, type the tag value and press Enter.
5. Click Add Item. The Add Items page is displayed.

The item type and Cluster ID is grayed out. Cluster is selected as the item type by default.

6. In the Search text box, enter the cluster ID to search for the clusters or select the clusters to be associated to the site from the table.

Figure 39 Clusters selected for Site Creation
7. Click Add. The clusters associated to the site are displayed in the New Tag page. Refer to Figure 3 Sites Added to the New Tag Page.

Figure 40 Sites Added to the New Tag Page
8. Click OK. Refer to Figure 4 Sites Added to the Tags Page.

Figure 41 Sites Added to the Tags Page