Configure SNMP v3 Users

If v3 is selected for the Trap Type when adding an SNMP trap, the SNMPv3 users also need to be configured. To configure an SNMP v3 user, do the following:

1.   Select Settings > Global Settings > SNMP v3 Users.
2. Click New.
3. Enter the information for the SNMP v3 user.
o   Username—the name of the v3 user
o   User—Enables the user specified in the Username field when selected.
o   Authentication Type—the authentication type is either md5 or sha1, which specified the mechanism to use for password hashing.
o   Privacy Type—the privacy type specifies the level of encryption for the password, which is either des or aes-128.
o   Authentication Password—the password used to authenticate the user specified by Username.
o   Privacy Password—a privacy password associated with the user specified by Username if a privacy type is specified. If no privacy type is specified, and a privacy password is entered, the default privacy type is aes-128.
4. Click Save.